Small Office Requires Regular Shredding Service

Client Requirements:

An small accountancy practice produces regular, small quantities of confidential waste.

Issues are security and restricted internal space.


iData Destructions Regular Shredding Service provides a  secure, locked console that occupies a small footprint.

Once a document is posted into the locked console no-one else can read its content allowing the same console to be used by all office staff (operations, management, etc).

An 8 week trial was initiated to accurately assess the appropriate collection frequency.

After each service visit a Certificate of Destruction is issued.

The new regular shredding service provides a secure end of document life solution, prevented excessive clutter in the storerooms and was complaint with GDPR.

After the trial it was agreed 2 consoles with a 4 weekly interval between collections.


Service Type 4 Weekly Regular Shredding Service
Collection Quantity 35kg
Waste Type Paper
Containers 1 * Lockable Console
Shredding Policy Off-site
Administration Single point with dedicated account manager